Bills & Finances {How We Do Them}

The other day I shared my little home*keeping binder and a little about how I keep things organized. I didn't want to share private information so I covered up our bill paying system... But it's been working for us for OVER a year now, so I wanted to share in hopes that maybe one of you would find it helpful.

Several other bloggers have made printables for their bills and finances, and they work for them... But I need something that works for me, so I made my own. {You can find a link to the download at the bottom of this post.} It fits three months to a page and there is room for twenty*four bills each month. {Hopefully none of us have that many bills though!} Feel free to print front and back if you want to save paper... I printed mine on cardstock and slipped it into a sheet protector. Then I write with a permanent marker to save printer ink. I haven't calculated whether it is cheaper to print new documents or use new sheet protectors, but this system works for my binder...

Here is the color copy I've been using {without our personal bills, of course}...

Here it is up close and personal... I write the due date, bill description or name, amount due, and the best part - a check mark when it's been paid!

Here's the link for the downloads:

If you want another color, contact me at sewmuchcrafting {at} yahoo {dot} com and I'll see what I can do! Please feel free to download and use these for personal use. If you want to share, please link back.

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  1. love this, thank you for the free printable xx

    Natasha @ www.serenityyou.com

  2. This is wonderful, Danielle. I had a similar system a few years ago but mine didn't look this good! Thanks for sharing at the Humble Brag!

  3. This is great! Thanks! FYI, so you don't have to re-print OR buy new page protectors....Acetone and Alcohol will take permanent marker off the page protectors! I believe white board cleaner will too!!

  4. HI! I was just wondering what program you used to create your document? I've searched high and low for something that will work for us, and I love your basic template but I'd like to just make my own....and not sure where to start?

  5. Thanks so much just what I have been looking for


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