Christmas Festivities

Merry {{day after}} Christmas! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with family or friends... I just wanted to share a few pictures of our Christmas festivities - I only took a few pictures, but we've had a nice week.

Caleb and I were off together on Monday... We finished running errands and enjoyed the day together. We hadn't done any baking or Christmas-goodie-making, so we wrapped up the evening making sugar cookies. Yum! My husband is quite the baker!

We both worked shorter hours on Christmas Eve... We had someone over for dinner before heading to the retirement center to sing Christmas carols and read the Christmas story. We had such a nice time with those living there. After retirement center, the folks from our church that with us came over for apple crisp and fellowship. Again, we had a nice time with everyone.

We exchanged gifts on Christmas morning after reading the Christmas story from the Bible together. We also enjoyed blueberry muffins {{hubby's family tradition}}. We took it easy most of the day, and I finally got my office organized! I've had some random things hanging around without a home, but everything seems to have a place now! We had some friends over for Christmas dinner, and then we watched It's a Wonderful Life together. They had never seen it... It's such a good movie!! It was actually one of my family's traditions to watch it together...

Caleb also built our last fire of the year {{unless we get more firewood}}... It was toasty!

We're both back to work today... I've got mixed feelings about it - I'm sad Christmas is over, but Christmastime seems to magnify things I don't want magnified. Living 2000+ miles from our family is hard, and my baby would've been one this month. That being said, I'm ready for a new year and routine again! Yay for a new year and new beginnings!! Until next time, happy day!


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  1. I love that you guys make time to celebrate with the retirement community. You have such a good heart. I'm terribly sorry that this month brings about some sad thoughts...I'm sending you a little prayer of hope and strength. XOXO


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