{December} Monthly Meal Plan

Happy Wednesday, friends! I sure hope your week is going great! We had a ton of snow on Friday {when I say a ton, I mean six inches - but that's more than our area ever gets!}... My work closed early on Friday due to snow - and we closed a little early yesterday because of the ice. The roads are pretty slick! Other than that, my week is pretty average.

I thought I'd pop in today and share our monthly meal plan with you. I haven't shared a monthly meal plan in a while, but we are still doing monthly planning and shopping for the most part.

Alrighty - let's get to this month's meal plan. Ready, friends?

1 - Refrigerator Clean-Out
2 - Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & Tomato Soup
3 - Tortilla Pizzas
4 - Taco Salad
5 - Grilled Chicken Wraps
6 - Beans, Potatoes & Cornbread
7 - Crispy Ranch Chicken

8 - Venison Soup {Guest for Lunch}
9 - Hamburgers
10 - Chicken Fried Rice
11 - Lentils
12 - Chicken Tetrazzini
13 - Spanish Rice & Sausage
14 - Sub Sandwiches {Class Fellowship}

15 - Crock-Pot Chili {I use Ground Beef instead of Turkey}
16 - Homemade Pizza
17 - Cheesy Potato Soup
18 - Beans, Potatoes & Cornbread
19 - Baked Potato Bar {Baked Potatoes with Leftover Chili}
20 - Breakfast
21 - Out to Eat {Going to Portland for the Day}

22 - Sarah's Chicken over Pasta
23 - Dinosaur Eggs
24 - Christmas Eve {Not 100% Sure of Plans}
25 - Ravioli {Subject to Change}
26 - Chicken Noodle Soup
27 - Taco Style Stuffed Shells
28 - Meatloaf {Not 100% Convinced of This!}

29 - Chicken Enchilada Soup
30 - Homemade Pizza
31 - Chicken Pot Pie
1 - Beans, Potatoes & Cornbread
2 - Grilled Chicken Wraps
3 - Taco Salad
4 - Crispy Ranch Chicken

There we have it - this month's meal plan! Time to keep it real for a second... I've been really good about creating a monthly meal plan, but I've been really not so good at keeping to the monthly meal plan. We've been eating a lot of the same, easy meals each week... When I started working, my schedule was a little overwhelming. Caleb picked up the slack and helped with cooking and cleaning. I'm thankful for that, but I feel that it's my responsibility to take care of the cooking and cleaning, ya know? Anyway. My December work schedule is evening out a little bit, so I'm working on getting into the right routine with cooking, cleaning, and organizing. My goal is to find the right routine this month so I can start the new year off on the right foot! I'll be focusing on my homekeeping binder, planner, and daily routine over the next few weeks - and when I find something that works, I hope to share some tips {and maybe some printables} here!

Well, that's enough rambling for me today... If you're interested in my free monthly and weekly meal planning printables, they're still available here. Hope these are a help. If you like them, would you mind sharing them??

Have a great Wednesday! Until next time...


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  1. I am so impressed that you plan your meals for a whole month!! Even if you don't stick to it, that's so cool!


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