Pregnancy Update {Weeks 25-26}

Hello, dear friends! This post should've gone live last Thursday... But it's been a crazy, busy few days around here! I'm not 100% sure where time has gone, but it has been productive! Yay! I'm hoping to blog more about what's been going on later this week, so hang on! For today, I'm sharing last week's bump pictures. We did take these pictures last week at 26 weeks, but I wasn't able to get them edited and posted until today. Ready to get to it? Here we go!

Week 26 - Hannah is the Size of a Head of Lettuce
I have no idea where time is going, but we're about to wrap up my second trimester. That is both exciting and terrifying at the same time! Hannah is growing, kicking, moving and squirming. I have a feeling she's going to be an active, ornery little girl! Eek!!

I thought it'd be fun to do another comparison of my tummy... Hannah is clearly growing in there! I used to try to push my tummy out {you know what I'm talking about, first time moms!}, but now I don't have to and I feel like I'm obviously pregnant! Yay! It's pretty amazing to see how much we've grown in the last six months or so!

Alrighty, friends... I need to get going. I'm off today, but I've got quite a bit to get done! Hope your Wednesday is wonderful and your week is going great!

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  1. You're over half way there mamacita! I'm sure you hear enough babble from other moms but I will tell you this - the first two trimesters fly by but the third is going to feel like the longest of your life! As dragging and uncomfortable as it may be, please enjoy it as much as you can, because life honest to God will completely change when you hold that baby! It's a good change but it takes alot of transitioning. xoxo


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