The Fruit of the Spirit {{Free Printable}}

Happy Friday, y'all! Are you ready for the Fourth of July?! Let me first say I can hardly believe July is already here. Seriously. Time is flying quicker now than ever before! Anyway. We're having a class fellowship at our house tomorrow, so we're busy getting ready for that! I'm guessing we'll have 25-30 people over {including children!}. Yay!!

I shared this printable on another blog a couple of years ago, but I realized that I never shared it here... Say what?! One of my favorite passages in the Bible is Galatians 5:22-23, and those verses are what inspired this fun printable!

This fun little guy is a 5" x 7" print! Super easy to print and a cute little piece of art for your office or bathroom! Just trim it to size and add it to a frame. Easy peasy!

Thanks for stopping by... I hope y'all have a great weekend!

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Setting Goals with Grace in Mind {{06.29.15}}

Happy Monday, friends! Did you have a nice weekend?? I'm stopping in today to share some of my goals for the next week {and a quick recap of last week's goals too!}.


Personal Goals:
   - Spend 15+ Minutes Reading Three Times this Week: Twice? Three times? Can't remember, but I did get some reading in... Yay!
   - Drink 64+ Ounces of Water Each Day: Almost every day... It's been HOT!!!

Family Goals:
   - Spend 15+ Minutes with Caleb Each Evening, No Technology: I think we got time in almost every day... It's not really about every. single. day. as much as it's about getting quality time in with my husband.
   - Read 5+ Books to Hannah: Again, not really about number, but we read a bunch of books last week! I hope she loves to read when she's older!
   - Sing with Hannah Each Day: Yep! We love to sing!
   - Get Outside Three Times: We spent a good amount of time outside last week... with sunscreen! Summer is definitely in full swing around here!

Business Goals:
   - Redesign Pocket Weekly & Monthlies: One weekly and both monthlies done!
   - Redesign Samplers: Well... Nope. May change plans here.
   - Wrap Up RTS Conversion: Hopefully tonight or tomorrow!
   - Create Inventory Inserts: Yep!
   - Update Q2 P&L Report: Wrapped it up today, and final touches Wednesday!
   - Write Three Blog Posts: Yep!

Homemaking Goals:
   - Balance Checkbooks & Update Finances Binder: Yep!
   - Update This Week's Meal Plan: Yep!
   - Update Homemaking Planner with Info: Somewhat...
        - Birthday Calendar Pages: Yep!
        - Bill Pay Inserts: Not sure if I'm going to use these...

Personal Goals:
   - Spend 15+ Minutes Reading Three Times this Week
   - Drink 64+ Ounces of Water Each Day
   - Keep Going Through the Make Over Your Morning eCourse
       - If you haven't heard of this course, go check it out! I'll be here when you get back!
   - Go to Bed by 11:00 p.m. Every Night

Family Goals:
   - Spend 15+ Minutes with Caleb Each Evening, No Technology
   - Read with Hannah Each Day
   - Get Outside Three Times

Business Goals:
   - Redesign Remaining Pocket Weekly
   - Wrap Up RTS Conversion
   - Set Timeline for 2016 Inserts
   - Finalize Q2 P&L Report
   - Write Three Blog Posts

Homemaking Goals:
   - July Budget: Every Dollar Has a Name
   - July Meal Plan


Well, I did better with meeting my goals this last week... I think writing them out each week has really helped me stay focused! I'm pretty pleased with how last week went, but I'm keeping some of the same goals this week. I've also added a few goals to my list this week. I'm keeping things fairly simple because it's hot, we're busy, and I like simple. Hannah and I will be flying to Colorado in a couple of weeks, so I'm going to keep things low key around here until we get back... Or maybe long term. I don't like stress, and I tend to stress myself out easily. Grace. Grace. Grace. Until next time...

Your turn: What goals have you set for this week? Leave a comment below... I'd love to hear what helps you meet your goals each week!!


The Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle

Hey guys! I know I was here a bit earlier to party with y'all, but I wanted to stop in and share a super last minute bundle deal with you. I haven't bombarded you all week with this deal, but MONDAY IS THE LAST DAY AND I DON'T WANT YOU TO MISS OUT!!!!

This is a great offer for everyone...
  • The beginner learning to operate their DSLR camera or the iPhone user taking pictures of her kiddos all day...
  • The intermediate photographer dabbling in lighting and exposure...
  • Or the experienced photographer looking to take his hobby a step further!
Yes, there are three separate bundles...

...so you only need to purchase what you'll use! Yep. If you're a beginner like me, you don't have to pay extra for stuff you won't use! But it's available for those who are interested!

You can grab your bundle here! Act now because the deal vanishes Monday evening! Click the links or pictures above to get more details on the bundle you're looking for!

Motivational Monday {{06.28.15}}

Happy Sunday, friends! Well, summer is here. Seriously. It's been quite toasty the last few days... I don't think it's supposed to be this warm until August, but such is life! I really don't mind too much because our new house stays a bit cooler than our old house. And I'm not seven // eight // nine months pregnant this year! I sound like I'm complaining. Really, I'm not meaning to. I'm just thankful it's not summer all year long! *Smile* Anyway. I hope y'all are having a great weekend - let's hop into this week's party! Ready?! As always, here are your lovely co-hosts!

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Just a Little Planspiration

Happy Friday, lovelies! Can you believe the week is practically over?! What's even crazier is that this month is almost over - and that means that half of this year is over... Yikes!! You're welcome for putting everything into perspective.

I wanted to stop in and share some planspiration with y'all... I went through a short bout of lack of motivation in my planning {similar to my lack of motivation in goal setting}, but I've found my groove again! I try to keep it fairly simple, but I like to "play" a bit too... I don't make time to scrapbook or craft much these days, but decorating in my planner fills that crafting void! Plus I can claim to be organized in the process! *Wink!*

Get organized with these Vertical Week on Two Page planner inserts from Sew Much Crafting!

The inserts in these pictures can all be found in my shop... These vertical inserts are a newer addition. They're similar to the Erin Condren Life Planner that I've written about, but they're not spiral bound. I've been loving the simplicity and "plain-ness" of them because, while the ECLP is a nice planner, each month has a different color scheme. I like everything color coordinated, and I was restricted in my decorating each week. These are the solution to that little problem!

Get organized with these Vertical Week on Two Page planner inserts from Sew Much Crafting!

Get organized with these Vertical Week on Two Page planner inserts from Sew Much Crafting!

This was a first draft of my new two days per page {in vertical layout} for a personal size planner! I'm not currently using these inserts, but I wanted to share a quick picture since many of you use a personal size planner!

Get organized with these personal size vertical planner inserts from Sew Much Crafting!

These are my week on one page with grid inserts... There isn't a ton of room for planning each day, but there is extra room for notes, grocery lists, or doodling on the grid paper. I generally use these to keep track of scheduled activities {church, Hannah's appointments, vacations, holidays, etc}. Because I carry my personal size planner with me {most of the time!}, I can reference it when I'm scheduling fellowship with a lady from church or an appointment for my little one.

Some Planspiration from Sew Much Crafting!

Like I mentioned above, I've been using these new week on two page inserts in vertical layout to decorate... My little family stays pretty busy, but we don't generally have a tight "time" schedule around our house. I use these to make lists and keep track of little tasks I hope to accomplish... Not everything is set in stone, and some things don't get written down in this planner. It's really more of a hobby than a dictator-type planner. Does that even make sense?!

Get organized with these Vertical Week on Two Page planner inserts from Sew Much Crafting!

I often get asked how I use two planners... Truth be told, I haven't figured it out completely. I think getting organized or "planning" is an ever-changing thing, and depending on the season of life you're in, my way might not work for you. Right now I'm using both a personal size and an A5 size planner.

I still like things matchy-matchy, so I've been coordinating my personal and A5 size planners... Here are some pictures of my last few weeks in my planners.

Some Planspiration from Sew Much Crafting!

Some Planspiration from Sew Much Crafting!

Some Planspiration from Sew Much Crafting!

I didn't take a picture of last week in both planners. I suppose I probably should - it's kinda fun to see them together! Here are a couple of pictures of last week in my A5 size planner...

Get organized with these Vertical Week on Two Page planner inserts from Sew Much Crafting!

Get organized with these Vertical Week on Two Page planner inserts from Sew Much Crafting!

I hope these pictures have inspired you a bit in your organizing journey! Before you think I'm crazy for "playing" so much in my planner, let me say it's a hobby... It's like scrapbooking but helps me keep a *bit* more organized in the process. And the little planner-girl community is a fun one to be a part of! If you've got any questions, you can send me an email {it's the best way to get an answer}! And if you like seeing posts like this, be sure to leave a comment below! I'd be happy to share some weekly spreads with you... Until next time, happy planning!