Hannah Update {{Five and Six Weeks Old}}

Happy Saturday, lovelies... It's been a week since my last appearance around here - what a busy week we've had. Having a little one in the house keeps me busier than I imagined... But I love it! I tried to wrap up a few little odds and ends in my "spare" time... Oh, and I slept a bit. Anyway. I usually post a Snapshot Saturday post, but I thought it'd be more fun to share some pictures of our sweet Hannah Jo instead!

I planned to switch to monthly pictures after the first few weeks, but she is growing and changing SOOO much that I wanted to continue documenting with weekly pictures. Hope you don't mind the cuteness overload about to take place! {{I'm a little biased, I know!}} You have no idea  how many pictures we've taken of our little one in the past six weeks... Like a ton! Anyway. Here's a little update!

Here's how you're doing little one...
Eating: You're still eating well! Nursing has been a learning adventure for both of us, but it's such a wonderful thing! I'm thankful for the extra time we get to spend together... Even at 2:00 in the morning!

Sleeping: You're doing well with sleeping... You wake up about twice in the night to eat, and then you fall back asleep rather quickly! You make sweet little noises when you're falling back asleep. And you make the cutest little faces when you're waking up or falling asleep! I think you must be dreaming something! You love to sleep on Mama or Daddy's chest... But we don't do that too often {well, I suppose that's relative!}. You also love tummy time and tend to fall asleep during your tummy playtime... See Exhibit A.

{{Exhibit A}}

Milestones: You've smiled a few times in the last couple of weeks. I've yet to get it on camera, but it's so incredibly sweet! You're also continuing to gain strength in your neck, arms and legs!

{{You enjoyed playing in the crib at church last Sunday evening...}}

{{You went soul-winning with Mama today - and we got to knock doors this time!}}

Clothing: Well, I finally gave in and packed away your newborn size clothes today. What a sad day. I kept putting you in different shirts and dresses so you could wear them "one more time." I suppose the one more time should be done... The one thing that makes it okay is that your bigger clothes are equally cute. I was going through them today and can't wait for you to wear some of them. Nevertheless, it's sad to know you're growing so quickly! Dear Clock, Please slow down. Sincerely, This Mama

Diapers: You're officially out of newborn size diapers... You've been in size one for a little over a week. We made it through the diapers that were written on at your baby shower and broke open the first box of size one diapers today. It's amazing how many diapers a baby goes through!!

Social Interaction: You've been held by a few different people in the last two weeks, and you seem to be okay with others! Yay!! Two of your "adopted cousins" got to hold you this week too... I'm not sure who liked it more - you or them! Haha! Oh, and I almost forgot... You met your first furry friend last Saturday! You met your "Auntie" Rhoie's dog Chloe... You didn't seem to mind her licking your head and toes! She didn't lick you too much, but it was kinda funny! Mama's getting excited for your Auntie Rhoie to have her baby so you have a playmate... Just a few more weeks!! Yay!

{{You love sticking out your tongue!}}

Likes: You still love snuggling. You like to go for walks with Mama and jogs with Daddy in your stroller too! And you still love having a clean diaper... I don't blame you there! You've been "sitting up" a bit too... Mama props you up in our nursing pillow, and you seem to like spending time with us at the dinner table! Oh, and you bounced to some music with Mama last night and were SOOO happy! You had such sweet, little facial expressions!

Dislikes: I can't really think of too many things you dislike... I suppose you don't prefer having a dirty diaper or waiting to eat longer than you want! You're such a content, happy baby!!

We love you so much, sweet little one! We feel so incredibly blessed to be your parents!!

Until next time...


Snapshot Saturday {10.11.14}

Phew... It's Saturday again! I haven't shared a recap of our week in quite a few weeks. Blogging takes more time than one might think! I've taken several pictures in the last several weeks, but I'll spare you... Oh, and we've got a big weekend of ministry planned here, so I'm keeping this short. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

09.07.14 - Here's our little girl the morning after she was born... So sweet!

09.07.14 - Daddy didn't waste any time taking pictures of our little one...

09.07.14 - Love my snuggle bug!

09.08.14 - We got to go home on Monday... But not until putting us all in matching outfits!

09.09.14 - Hanging out with Mommy and Daddy...

09.10.14 - Hannah was so excited to go to church for the first time!!

09.11.14 - Another photo shoot...

09.12.14 - Family walk time!

09.14.14 - Hannah had a great time at church on her first Sunday. She slept through the service and was quite the snuggle bug after the service...

09.14.14 - I didn't share this as a separate post, but I thought it'd be fun to do one last update similar to my pregnancy updates.

09.15.14 - Jeremiah 29:11 is one of my favorite Bible verses... Such a blessing to know that God knows the plans and thoughts for us. And that He will hear us when we call on Him.

09.15.14 - Baby blues...

09.20.14 - Hannah loves her hands...

09.22.14 - We took Hannah on her first road trip to the country...

09.29.14 - This new little notepad is perfect for keeping track of our weekly menu plan!

10.02.14 - Hannah's a wonderful helper!

10.03.14 - I was inspired to write a #HaveDoneList of all the things I did do last Friday instead of focusing on all the things that didn't get done... It was a great way to change my perspective!

10.05.14 - Hannah was the cutest little pumpkin in the patch last Sunday!

10.06.14 - I ordered some cute little paperclips, and they arrived in these adorable envelopes!

10.07.14 - I started a scrapbook for Hannah... Lovin' these Project Life supplies!

10.07.14 - Here's a fun little picture of my current planner inserts... Yay!

10.08.14 - I seriously love this girl!

10.08.14 - It was a few days late, but I got my brain dump for the week transferred forward. This was my twelfth week doing it, and it's still working well!

10.08.14 - I've been writing to Hannah since I found out I was expecting... I look forward to passing on this journal many. many. many. moons from now!

10.08.14 - If you look at one of the first pictures in this post, you'll see that Hannah's wearing the same outfit as in this picture... She's grown so much!

10.10.14 - We had a rougher morning yesterday... Hannah needed some extra loving and Daddy's alarm clock didn't go off. Hannah decided we should walk to church to take him some coffee since he didn't get any before he left. She's so thoughtful!

10.10.14 - I'm looking forward to checking out this little book... I love the subtitle: It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. It's hard for me to remember that, let me tell ya!

Well, lovelies... Thanks for stopping by today! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Until next time...


Blog Planner Series {{Daily To-Do List}}

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! I took last week off... Something about being a new mama makes everything else take a back seat sometimes - and last week, I just didn't get time to write this post.

I hope y'all are enjoying this little series... If you're using the free printables I've offered, leave me a comment - I'd love to know how they're helping! I'd love for you to share the printables on Pinterest so other bloggers can find them too! Alrighty, let's get to today's printable!

I'm sharing my Daily To-Do List today! I have to say that I didn't really have a to-do list for my blog until I created my blog planner last year. And I have to be honest... I don't do everything on my list every. single. day. Actually, right now, I don't focus on the list too much. I'm feelin' good if I get a post written between changing diapers and nursing my babe!

This is just a little guide to help me remember to share my posts and other random things on my social media outlets. I also use it as a reminder to work with other bloggers. I've come to realize that we're all in this together. We're not competing with one another, and I like to encourage others by leaving comments, sharing their posts, and replying to comments! Bloggers are real people too - and we love to connect with other real people!

Alrighty... Are you ready to see what my to-do list looks like? Here it is in action:

And a close-up...

I am currently on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ {I don't use each of them as much as the others!}. Some are more user- and blogger-friendly than others. If you're a blogger looking to grow, I encourage you to jump out and take advantage of social media. Utilize the free outlets out there! {I realize that my blog might not be as big as others - but again, it's not really about comparison.}

Ready for the download? You can find my FREE printable here! The picture below may be a little grainy if you click on it, so be sure to click here to download the printable!

Well, there you have it, friends! Hope it's a help to you. If you missed out on the other FREE printables in this series, check them out below!

In case you've missed any posts in this series, you can find them here:
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Hope y'all have a wonderful Wednesday... I'm off to snuggle my little gal!

Your turn: If you're a blogger, which social media outlets do you find useful for promoting your posts? And how often do you share? I'd love to know what you find helpful!


Hannah Update {{One Month Old}}

I can't believe it's already been a month since Hannah made her debut in this world! Time is flying by, but I'm so thankful for every moment we've had with her! She is the best thing, and we just love our sweet little girl!

Here's how you're doing, little one...
Eating: You're nursing well - very well! You had an appointment this week, and you'd gained two pounds since your last appointment! I wouldn't be surprised if you weigh nine pounds or more now! Your doctor doesn't seem to be worried about you getting enough to eat... He was very pleased!

Sleeping: You sleep better at night than during the day, but that's okay with us!

Milestones: We learned at your appointment that you've gained two pounds and grown 1.25" already! Good job, little one! Keep up the great growth!

Clothing: You're still wearing some newborn clothes, but I'm still not sure how much longer that'll last! You're about to graduate into full 0-3 month clothes!

Diapers: We broke open the new box of newborn diapers, and we're just about through them now... Good thing since you're about too big for them! You had your first blowout this week. Daddy helped me get you cleaned up!

Social Interaction: You let someone else hold you this week... And you enjoy the attention you get from others! Betcha can't wait to play with the little girls at church!

Likes: You love snuggling and sleeping in our arms. You love having a clean diaper, and you enjoy play time. You're still super alert and love seeing what's going on around you! You love when Daddy swings you in the air {and he loves the workout - ha!}. You really enjoyed bath time on Saturday... I think the water may have been too cold in the previous baths because you really seemed to like chillin' in the tub!

Dislikes: You don't like to be hungry or have a dirty diaper!

We're so thankful for you, sweet one! The last month has been truly delightful... We're the most blessed parents in the world, and we love you more than words can say!

Until next time...


Ten Things I've Learned in My First Month of Motherhood

Hannah turns one month old tomorrow, and I can't believe how quick time has flown! I thought it'd be fun to write down a few things I've learned in my first month of motherhood. These aren't complaints, but rather things I've had to "figure out" along the way. Hope you other mamas can relate, and if not, maybe you'll giggle at them anyway!

Ten Things I've Learned in My First Month of Motherhood

The things I've learned in my first month of motherhood {in no particular order}:
{1} Reheating coffee fourteen times a day is the new norm. I'm a slow coffee drinker as it is, but with the little one in the house, I don't get to drink two sips before it's cold!

{2} Plan to take twice as long to get myself and Hannah ready for anything. I've been able to get ready for church before Caleb leaves, but it still takes time to get Hannah ready! And if she doesn't like getting in the car seat for some reason, it takes a bit longer to calm her down and try again. I don't love being late, so I'm learning to budget extra time before anything!

{3} Babies sleep a lot, but that doesn't mean they sleep all day. Hannah slept almost all the time when she was first born, but she now likes to have "play time" after eating during the day... This was an adjustment for me because I thought she needed to go right to sleep after I fed her. I would get frustrated because she was wide awake while I wanted to get dishes or laundry done. I couldn't get her to go to sleep. Then I realized that maybe she needed play time, and it's gone so. much. better. She still sleeps well, but I usually let her "play" for a while after she eats before she goes down for a nap! Dishes and laundry can wait. She's not going to be little forever!

{4} Eating a warm meal is almost impossible! I'm exaggerating a bit here, but for a while it seemed that every time a meal was on the table, she would wake up ready for food, a diaper change, or attention! See number one... I've reheated my dinner a few times in the last month!

{5} Taking a shower is overrated. Haha! Just kidding about this. I'm a shower-every-day kinda gal. BUT it's a speedy shower these days, and it isn't on a schedule anymore! I'm usually able to feed her and lay her on the ground for play time while I hop in and out... On Sundays, I try to get completely ready before Caleb leaves for church. So far it's working well.

{6} Speaking of scheduling... What's that?! We pretty much just go with the flow these days, and it's been an adjustment for this Type A gal... I'm thankful that the Lord worked flexibility in me before Hannah was born, but it's so different for me to not follow a schedule!

{7} All the things we thought we would do are non-existant these days... Not really, but we're a lot more flexible than we thought we'd be. For example, I thought I'd get Hannah on a schedule where she ate every three hours... I'm a lot more "on-demand" than I imagined I would be. We didn't want Hannah to be "in charge" of our lives. But really. My perspective has changed a bit. Oh, and we said we would never put her in bed with us. We don't sleep with her, but she definitely shares the bed more than we thought she would. Snuggle sessions are just way to sweet to pass up!

{8} Everyone loves babies. Well, almost everyone. I didn't realize we'd she'd get as much attention as she has. I suppose part of it could be that we prayed for her for so long, but she is one loved baby! Even the kiddos {especially the little girls} are fascinated with her! It's really such a sweet blessing to know she's loved by so many!

{9} Sleep is overrated. To be honest, she does really well through the night, and I'm able to stay mostly rested. BUT, it is way different to not get a full night's sleep... Especially when you enjoy sleep as much as I do! Haha... I love our extra snuggle sessions through the night {and this season will pass way to quickly}, so I'm soaking it in while I still can.

{10} Being a mom is the. single. very. best. most. important. very. best. job. I. could. ask. for. Seriously. I am so blessed {and thankful} to be Hannah's mama... I pray daily for wisdom and grace as I try to be the mama God wants me to be, but I am so thankful for the opportunity to be Hannah's mama. It's the job I've dreamed of for years, and God heard my prayers. Words can't explain just how blessed I feel.

And because every blog post needs a picture... Our church had a pumpkin patch for the kiddos after church, so I {naturally} had to put Hannah in her {still slightly too big} pumpkin sweater and take a picture! She was the cutest little pumpkin in the patch!

Ten Things I've Learned in My First Month of Motherhood

Well, it's late. I haven't stayed up this late since before Hannah was born {unless you count getting up in the middle of the night, obviously}. I'm thinking she should be about ready to eat, so it's time to wrap this up. Hope you enjoyed {and can relate to} my list of things learned!

Your turn: What did you learn in the early days of being a mama? Leave a comment below!