Pregnancy Update {Week 37}

Another week has come and gone, and we're getting closer to the arrival of our little one! Here's a quick, little update on our little one's growth {and my pregnancy!}...

Week 37 - Hannah is the Size of a Zucchini
Well, Caleb says that Hannah grew quite a bit in the last week... She was a cauliflower last week and a zucchini this week!? Like I mentioned last week, it's just for fun. It was a little crazy to look at that baking zucchini and think about that being very close to her length at birth! Yikes! It's also crazy to think that we're about three weeks away from meeting our sweet, little girl! You have no idea {okay, you might}! I've been wrapping up some projects around the house, and it's been a super productive week... I think the nesting is sinking in. Maybe. I'm also in the transition phase between loving being pregnant {which I still do} and being ready for this baby to get outta my belly pronto!! Haha... I heard that it would happen, but I didn't believe it. I'm still very content with her being inside, but I'm feeling pretty okay with the idea of her being born any time now! Especially because she would no longer be considered premature! Yay!! I feel like I'm rambling... Last week I wrote that I was still sleeping pretty well, but that night {and every night since then} was rougher than it had been... I've gotten up about four times each night in the last week! I really think God is using the last few weeks of my pregnancy to prepare me to be up through the night with our little one... I'm hopeful that's what's going on, anyway!

Okay... I'm done with this rambling update! Hope your Friday is wonderful!


Blog Planner Series {{Starting Out}}

Last week I announced that I'm going to revisit my blog planner series and re-share my free printables here on my blog. This series was a huge success when I originally wrote it, and I hope you bloggers find it helpful this time around! There are so many great blog planners out there, but I couldn't find a matching set that had everything I was looking for. That's when I decided to create my own... Over the next several weeks, I'll share some of the printables I created to help me keep my blog organized!

My blog planner has changed a bit since I originally wrote the series... Here's a little peek at what my planner looked like before...

And here's a peek at the binder and calendar I'm currently using...

When I first created my blog planner, I was using every one of my printables faithfully. I've shifted gears a bit with my blog and Etsy business, so I've also shifted gears a bit in my organization methods... I'm probably going to share a bit of what I'm currently using as well as the original printables. Maybe it'll inspire you to find your own method of organization!

Here are the different printables I'll be sharing...
{{ Post Calendar }}
{{ Statistics }}
{{ End of Month Statistics }}
{{ Daily To-Do List }}
{{ Blogging Contacts }}
{{ Link Party Tracker }}
{{ Link Party Information Tracker }}
{{ Sponsors }}

Well, there's a little taste of what's in store... I hope you'll come back next week and pin this so other bloggers can find it! Happy Wednesday, friends!!

Your turn: What kind of printables do you use to keep your blog organized? I'd love to read your suggestions in the comments!


Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop {Co-Hosting}

Yay for another Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!! As you know, I'm excited to be co-hosting this fun party each week this month! Let's just jump in and get to it!


Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #87 is starting right out of the chute with our features from last week's party!



Meal Plan Mondays {08.18.14}

Happy Monday, lovelies! I hope your weekend was wonderful. Ours seemed to fly by, but it was pretty productive. We've got a doctor's appointment this morning, and we have plans to be out and about most of the day after that {it's going to be warm again}. Anyway. I wanted to share this week's meal plan with y'all before the day passes us by!

Here's what's on this week's meal plan:
Monday: Chicken Parmesan with Green Beans
Tuesday: Toasted Sub Sandwiches {Childbirth Class}
Wednesday: Taco Soup with Chips and Salsa
Thursday: Chicken Fried Rice
Friday: Beans with Cornbread and Potatoes
Saturday: Grilled Chicken Wraps
Sunday: Spaghetti with Breadsticks and Green Beans

We didn't stick to our meal plan very well last week, but I'm not really beating myself up over it. It's been a little toasty around here, and cooking has not been my forte... But it's getting better! I got a lot of freezer work done last week... Cleaning, organizing, prepping for, and more! I also learned that if I do some meal prep in the morning, it makes cooking in the afternoon {when the temperatures are at their highest} a little more bearable.

Your turn: What tips do you have for keeping cool while cooking in the heat of the summer?


Snapshot Saturday on a Sunday {08.17.14}

Well, it's Sunday... Hope your weekend has gone well! I didn't get this posted yesterday, but I'm here real quick before church to share a recap of our week in pictures!

08.10.14 - These are my current favorite washi tapes... So fun!

08.10.14 - I've mentioned my brain dump method of organization a few times here, and it's still really working for me... Maybe I should write up a quick post of what it is and how I make it work for me. Note to self: Write up a quick post of what it is and how I make it work for me.

08.11.14 - I've been using this fun little notepad for things related to Hannah... Love that it's yellow and grey with chevron print. Maybe I'm just odd, but I love that it matches her room!

08.11.14 - It was 927 degrees here on Monday, so we spent the afternoon at the library. Maybe I exaggerated the temperature, but the library has air conditioning. Anyway. I took some of my blog planning tools and got some things done. Lots of posts are in store around these parts!

08.11.14 - I also took my planning supplies and went a little crazy!

08.11.14 - I won a giveaway recently, and my prize came on Monday... It was the perfect prize to win for this new chapter of life! I won a breastfeeding pillow and cover, bottles, milk storage bags, pacifiers, a bottle holder {for the dishwasher}, and some wipes!! SWEET!

08.13.14 - I may be that mom who puts bows and dresses on my little girl... And I may have gone a little crazy with bow making {these aren't even half of what I made!}. No apologies, though!

08.14.14 - I spotted this little flower on my walk Thursday... So pretty!

08.14.14 - Speaking of walking... I haven't been doing as well with exercise, but I'm trying to walk about a mile or so three or four days a week.

08.16.14 - Here's another glimpse at my brain dump notebook...

Alrighty, friends... I need to get some things done before church this evening. We're having some friends over to play games and eat peach crisp. Yum! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Your turn: If you've had kiddos, did you exercise while pregnant? And if so, did it help with labor and delivery? I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments! Yay!