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I shared my new Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping page with y'all a few weeks ago. My free monthly meal planning printables {found on that page} have brought so many new visitors to my blog - and I thank each one of you for visiting!

Today I'm sharing yet another FREE meal planning printable. This one is for you weekly meal planners! If you've read my Once a Month Meal Shopping post, you might know that I'm a monthly meal planner myself, but did you know I also create an updated weekly meal plan? I like having a monthly plan in order to do my monthly grocery shopping, but I'm not super picky about sticking to that meal plan {shhh!}. That's why I do a weekly meal plan as well... I update our menu as the month goes on!

You can find the monthly meal planning printables by clicking on the Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping page at the top of my blog!
how to meal plan

Okay... Let's get to the main point of this post - the FREE Weekly Meal Planning Printables I promised! These free printables coordinate with the monthly meal planning printables I shared before. You can use them by themselves or alongside the monthly meal planning printables.

Simply click on the pictures below, and you'll be redirected to Google Docs. From there, you can print or save the PDF version of our meal plan to help you in planning your family's meals!

{{blank weekly meal planner on the left}}
{{weekly meal planner with breakfast, lunch, & dinner on the right}}
free meal planning printables free weekly meal plan

The picture or link on the left will take you to a meal plan that has one empty box for each day... Maybe you're like me and you only plan dinner. This one is for you!

The picture or link on the right has three lines - one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner... If you've got kiddos {or if you're super organized!}, this one is for you. I imagine that you try to plan all three meals for each day! {{When I grow up, I want to be like you!! *Smile*}}

I recommend printing a copy and sliding it into a sheet protector or having it laminated... Then you can use a Vis-a-Vis {or similar marker} and re-use the printable! I'm all about saving money when it comes to printing!

Don't forget that you can also use my free monthly meal planning printable with these weekly printables! If you want to see what's been on our weekly menu, check out my Meal Plan Mondays series! And if you'd like some monthly meal planning ideas, you can see our monthly meal plans here!

Alrighty, friends... Your turn! Do you plan your family's meals weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or when you get home from work {I won't judge!}?? What works best for you?


  1. These are so fantastic! Thank you for sharing! I usually try to plan for the following week on Sunday, but sometimes I'm standing in the kitchen at six thirty trying to throw something together. These should help!

  2. So pretty. Thanks for making them available to us!

  3. These are adorable! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Thanks, Danielle...just what I need to get back on track after our move!

  5. These are so cute! thank you.
    I do plan out breakfast, lunch and dinner. (most days). So I like that there is a line for each.

  6. About 6 months ago I was at my wits end with an 8 year old, 2 year old and newborn I was drowning in tasks, messy house, life, business owning etc. Meal time was the worst time. Babies hanging off of me, not having the right ingredients and so on. I found this weekly menu/shopping list through pinterest and it has helped me IMMENSELY! Thank you for sharing this. It literally has changed my life. Every weekend I sit down and plan out our meals, grocery shopping and week. Then I post it on the fridge for all to see. I stick to it and it has helped us save money as well. THANK YOU! ~Mommy of 3 Boys!

  7. Thank you for making these available for free! They're adorable and I am so excited to use something other than plain notebook paper!!


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